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What's Up With All These Assembly Retirements?

Episode Summary

At last count, 27 Assemblymembers who were elected to seats in 2020 will not be returning to those seats in 2022. What is driving this exodus? Redistricting? Term limits? The overall political climate? We asked political data whiz Paul Mitchell to weigh in on what to make of this unexpected turnover. Plus, as always, we tell you who had the Worst Week in California politics.

Episode Notes

:58 Why is everybody leaving?

2:46 Redistricting is not playing as much of a role as one might think

4:01 The legislative life cycle

7:11 Will this affect the partisan balance?

8:25 Congress? Does this impact the midterms?

9:46 Switching gears: is the National redistricting picture as bad for the Dems as was predicted?

14:31 The rundown: Seven who left to take other jobs

16:10 Ten members running for other offices

20:31 Six members who have announced that not running for unknown reasons

23:27 Four seats, with eight members running - meaning four WILL lose

25:55 Are voters mad when their representatives quit?

27:42 The Rumor Mill: any more retirements on the way?

29:49 The impact of COVID on the Third house

33:12 The candidate filing deadline: March 11

34:57 The #WorstWeekCA

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