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The Irvine Leadership Awards

Episode Summary

Each year, the James Irvine Foundation Leadership Awards recognize Californians whose innovative projects improve people’s lives, create opportunity, and contribute to a better California. The Foundation spotlights these leaders, helps share their approaches with policymakers and peers, and provides each of their organizations with a grant of $250,000. We invited Charles Fields, Irvine's VP of Program Implementation, to speak with us about this year's award recipients, about the program and about the history of the Irvine Foundation. And, as always, we tell you who had the Worst Week in California Politics.

Episode Notes

:38 How are the Leadership Award winners chosen?

2:39 Brandon Smith & Royal Ramey, The Forestry and Fire Recruitment Program

4:40 The political pitfalls of inmate firefighters

6:29  Naindeep Singh, the Jakara Movement 

8:38 Do these groups also get government funding?

9:34 Camila Chávez, the Dolores Huerta Foundation

11:12 How is the Irvine Foundation different from the Irvine Company?

13:13 What are the logistics behind the Awards program?

15:13 DeVone Boggan, Advance Peace 

20:06 How do you measure success?

21:12 Serita Cox, iFoster

24:21 Dr. Noha Aboelata, Roots Community Health Center 

27:43 The #WorstWeekCA

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