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California Health, with California HHS Secretary Mark Ghaly

Episode Summary

This is a Special Episode, recorded live at California Health, a one-day conference held in Sacramento on September 13, 2022. Capitol Weekly's annual look at health care featured three panels looking at different aspects of health care in the Golden State: 1) A Status Report on COVID-19; 2) Gov. Newsom’s California CARE Court proposal; 3) A Look Ahead for 2023: Health Care and Politics. The Keynote featured an interview with Secretary of Health and Human Services Mark Ghaly, conducted by Capitol Weekly editor John Howard. Dr. Mark Ghaly was appointed Secretary of the California Health and Human Services Agency by Gov. Newsom in 2019. As the head of the largest state Agency, Dr. Ghaly has led the administration’s approach on the health of Californians, including the state response to COVID-19. And, we cap the episode with our regular feature: Who Had the Worst Week in California Politics?

Episode Notes

2:38 Have we turned the corner on COVID?

4:34 What about other diseases like Monkeypox and polio?

7:02 Boosters and the numbers

10:17 How close is CA to universal health care?

11:43 CARE Court

16:34 Social media and misinformation

19:01 Cal AIM and the Children's Behavioral Health Initiative

23:54 If congress pulls Medi Care funding, will CA backfill?

25:47 Back to COVID

28:04 Doctors peddling misinformation

29:26 Audience question: CA's text alert re: power use was effective; are there healthcare applications?

30:27 Audience question: Please talk about support mechanisms in CARE Court

32:09 Audience question: The re-procurement contracts

34:46 Audience question: state production of generic insulin

37:50 What about the fentanyl epidemic?

39:58 #WWCA

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